TPS for Haitian Nationals Cancelled

TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for Haitian Nationals Cancelled as of July 22, 2019. DHS announced on November 20, 2017 that Haitian TPS beneficiaries were being given a delay of 18 months to self-deport back to their homeland.

The United States government has determined that Post-Earthquake, Post-Cyclone (Irma, Maria…), Ongoing Cholera Epidemic… Haiti is a safe and adequate environment to repatriate about 60,000 of its citizens in such as short time-frame. For more on how we got here- Click Here to continue reading.


TPS for Haitian Nationals Cancelled

What is Temporary Protected Status?

TPS may be designated by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security due to conditions in a country that temporarily prevent that country’s nationals from returning safely, or in certain circumstances, where the country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately….

The Secretary may designate a country for TPS due to the following temporary conditions in the country:

  • Ongoing armed conflict (such as civil war)
  • An environmental disaster (such as earthquake or hurricane), or an epidemic
  • Other extraordinary and temporary conditions


TPS Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for TPS, you must:

  • Be a national of a country designated for TPS, or a person without nationality who last habitually resided in the designated country;
  • File during the open initial registration or re-registration period, or you meet the requirements for late initial filing during any extension of your country’s TPS designation…;
  • Have been continuously physically present (CPP) in the United States since the effective date of the most recent designation date of your country; and
  • Have been continuously residing (CR) in the United States since the date specified for your country….


You may NOT be eligible for TPS or to maintain your existing TPS if you:

  • Have been convicted of any felony or two or more misdemeanors committed in the United States;
  • Are found inadmissible as an immigrant under applicable grounds in INA section 212(a), including non-waivable criminal and security-related grounds;
  • Are subject to any of the mandatory bars to asylum. These include, but are not limited to, participating in the persecution of another individual or engaging in or inciting terrorist activity;
  • Fail to meet the continuous physical presence and continuous residence in the United States requirements;
  • Fail to meet initial or late initial TPS registration requirements; or
  • If granted TPS, you fail to re-register for TPS, as required, without good cause.


On a Personal Note

I wish to Thank the United States Government for allowing the citizens of my former Homeland to seek refuge within its borders during their time of great difficulty.

With that said, whether Haiti is in a condition to adequately reabsorb its citizens is another story. I do not have the adequate information to fully assess the situation.

As such, I will leave that topic to others who are best situated on the ground in Haiti to make that determination.

According to news reports, 7 years after the earthquake Haiti is still going through a “slow and painstaking recoveryRead more…


Nevertheless, eligible beneficiaries have until July 2019 to apply for other benefits, if eligible.

Said benefits may include the following:

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H1B Nonimmigrant Worker Visa

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Employment Based Immigrant Visas

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