Diaspora Survival Resources

Diaspora Survival Resources

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Social Security Disability Blue Book

Adult Listings

Childhood Listings


Listing Impairments


Online Conversion Calculator

Unit Conversion

Currency Converter



US Civics Course- Naturalization

Guide to New Immigrants – Welcome to the United States

Benefits and Responsibilities of U.S. Citizenship

USCIS Resource for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

A Guide to Naturalization

The Law Office of Yolette M. Saintiny, Esq.

ICE- US Immigration Detention Facilities

Migration Information Source


Scholarship Programs


Pacific Gas and Electric

Western Union Foundation



Library of Congress

Congressional District Statistics

Best of Quora

Free Manual Download


Culture- Diversity

African-American & African Diaspora Philosophy Resources

Latin American Network Information Center


Temporary Housing

Women Shelters

HUD- Housing and Urban Development

HUD Publications


Business Opportunities

Internal Revenue Services

Small Business Administration


Small Enterprise Assistance Funds



Domestic Violence Hotline

National Sex Offender Registry


Employment Resources

US Department of Labor

Social Security Office Locator

Find your Local Employment Resource

Not-for-Profit Jobs- USA, Canada & Virgin Islands


Academic/Education Resources

The Free Library

Literacy Directory

Public Libraries

Khan Academy

Directories of Colleges, Technical Schools and Universities

Teacher Professional Development


Travel Resources

Embassies of the World

US Embassies and Consulates

International Travel Information

US Department of State


Sustainable Lifestyle

Backwoods Survival Blog

Tactical Intelligence Archives

Practical Action- Technology Challenging Poverty

Journey to Forever


Books and Resources

Free Fiction Books

Hesperian Health Guides are easy to use, medically accurate, and richly illustrated. We publish 20 titles, spanning women’s health, children, disabilities, dentistry, health education, HIV, and environmental health, and distribute many others. Buy, download, or read from this page, or view resources by language to explore materials in Spanish and over 80 other languages.

It is prohibited to sell or distribute these files in any format for profit without prior written consent from Hesperian. To use these materials in educational settings, please credit Hesperian. See open copyright.

Where There Is No Doctor

Where Women Have No Doctor

A Community Guide to Environmental Health

Advance Chapters from the NEW Where There Is No Doctor

A Book for Midwives

Where There Is No Dentist

Helping Health Workers Learn

Disabled Village Children

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities

Helping Children Who Are Deaf

Helping Children Who Are Blind

Pesticides Are Poison, Sanitation and Cleanliness, and Water for Life

Advance Chapters from A Workers Guide to Health and Safety

Women’s Health Exchange

Pasted from <http://hesperian.org/books-and-resources/>

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